6th Class Poetry

Sixth class have been busy writing Christmas poetry. Below is a poem by Luke Mulvihill.

The Wonders of Yule

Christmas, the only time when all worries evaporate, and the hearts of old misers are melted by the looks of pure joy on a child’s face. It is a time for happiness and for thanks.

Families and friends are reunited, and broken bonds are mended. There is no stressing about tomorrow, for the present time is joyous and merry.

Gifts of all sorts are received and given; the generosity of people is plentiful. But perhaps the most overlooked gift of all is right now! That’s why it is called ‘the present’.

Every song you hear seems to project the same message: ‘Spread some cheer for it is Christmas time and the whole world is at peace.’

So lighten up, for a time is upon us, a time that is happy and bright. This occasion is for all ages, young and old so enjoy it to its fullest.

Luke Mulvihill