Active School Flag Committee

The Active School Flag Committee has eight student members. There is a member from every class level from Junior Infants all the way to sixth class. We also have staff members on the committee from the junior, middle and senior areas of the school.

Active School Slogan

Scoil Bhríde has had an active slogan for some years now and it can bee seen on posters around the school. Our motto is; ‘Walk, Skip, Run, Makes Life Fun’.



A survey was sent to parents and children in relation to the process. We are working on the feedback given with an aim to improving the process at all times. Children in the senior classes also conducted a ‘What club are you in?’ survey to find out about physical activities in the local community. We found a wide variety of activities take place in our community and below are the results telling us what percentage of children are in each club.

Panthers Gymnastics            6% Naas GAA                     30% Naas Karate Club                  8%
Naas RFC                                 6% Naas Hockey Club         1% Naas Camogie                       3%
Naas United Soccer Club    12% Naas Scouts                    6% Naas Basketball                  11%
Naas Volleyball Club              1% Naas Athletics                1% Naas A.F.C Soccer Club        5%
Leah Moran’s Dance School 3% Deirdre Brown Dance   2% Horse Riding                          5%

Local Clubs

Naas GAA is a close neighbour and we use their facilities on a regular basis and they in turn have used our facilities. Over the years we have been very fortunate to work with Naas GAA in accessing coaches in both hurling and football. These coaches have worked with all classes over the years. More recently we have been very fortunate to work with Michael from Naas Rugby Club. Michael worked with a number of classes to introduce the skills of the game.

We have worked with parents in our school community over the years in bringing sports such as Badminton, Ninjitsu, Gaelic Football, Zumba and Yoga to the school.

Since engaging with the Active School Flag process we have also had regular visits from various clubs including Celbridge Kickboxing Club, Ultimate Frisbee, Naas Gymnastics Panthers Club, Naas Tennis Club, St. David’s Boxing Club, Naas Ninjitsu Club. Below are some links you may find useful for local clubs.


Wall of Fame

In Scoil Bhríde we aim to promote and celebrate all forms of physical activity. As you step into our school building you will be greeted by our ‘Wall of Fame’. The ‘Wall of Fame’ celebrates the achievements of the students in areas of physical activity. Children are encouraged to bring in a photo/description of their achievement and it is proudly placed on the wall.



Children in Leadership Roles

We are very fortunate to have many children volunteering to help out with the Active School Flag process. As well as the Active Committee other children have done surveys, distributed surveys, calculated results, taken on playground leader roles, distributing challenge cards and setting up games/equipment on yard.

H.S.E/Local Sports Partnership

Our local Health Promotion Officer and the Local Sports Partnerships are both aware that we are engaged in the Active School Flag Process and that we are currently in the renewal phase.

If you would like to know more about clubs in the area please click on the link below.


Parent Teacher Association

Scoil Bhríde also works closely with the PTA to engage the whole community in physical activity. Every year to celebrate Saint Brigid’s Day, the PTA organise a ‘Biddy Walk’. Everyone is invited to walk as a group around the local park and return to the school for refreshments.

The Family Fun Evening has become an annual event planned with the help of the PTA also. This ‘Fun Evening’ comprises of stations, games, activities and races available for everyone and is a great evening for all to enjoy.

The PTA have also been very supportive in the form of fundraising. The PTA recently donated over €1000 towards P.E equipment and storage for the school.