Parent-Teacher Meetings 2019

Parent-Teacher Meetings 2019

Parent-teacher meetings will take place on Tuesday 26th November and Wednesday 27th November. This year we are using an online booking tool for parents to choose a time slot to meet with their child’s teacher.

The system will be open for bookings until next Friday, November 15th at 6pm. If you have not booked a timeslot by this time then you will be automatically assigned to one of the remaining time slots. You will be notified of this time by your child’s teacher.

If you are unable to attend on either of the scheduled days, please contact your child’s teacher to arrange an alternative time to meet.

Click on the link below to open a list of teachers, click on the teacher’s name and follow the instructions to book a time slot. Each slot is 10 minutes in duration. You will need to provide an email address, your own name and your child’s name to make a booking. You will receive an email notification of your chosen day and time.

Click here to book your timeslot